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Gathering elite engineers and creating a unique concept, a company that surprises by sheer knowledge and high-tech novel vision.

Innovation and pragmatism – our projects are developed and perfected to reach and even surpass the intended context for which they were created.

Intelligent projects and products which allow feature development and are able to settle new standards for the industries they were created for.

Projects or products that have earned the PowerConcept Electronics mark are always more than meets the eye, embedding our vision and knowledge.


Staying true to our concept, using our values to activate on a highly competitive market, where innovation can be considered an advantage as well as a threat.


Multiple field expertise of a team that was consolidated throughout the years and which adds value by each new member, thinking in terms of know-how as well as teamwork, thus building value through people and organization.

Organization capabilities is the one intangible that sets the company apart from the competition by being nearly impossible to duplicate.

We focus on:

Talent and know-how (always involving competent and committed people)
Talent and know-how (always involving competent and committed people)
Speed (being able to cope with fast changes)
Speed (being able to cope with fast changes)
Shared mindset
Shared mindset
Collaboration (working across boundaries to ensure efficiency and leverage)
Collaboration (working across boundaries to ensure efficiency and leverage)
Learning (generating and generalizing ideas with impact)
Learning (generating and generalizing ideas with impact)
Leadership (embedding leaders through out the organization)
Leadership (embedding leaders through out the organization)




Power electronics

We cover power electronics area in terms of design, both analogical and hybrid design, using and programming uC, uP, FPGA, CPLD and software development, focusing on real-time, embedded software


Our vast expertise in telecom allows us to be a part of well known hi-tech solution providers’ area of interest

Test and measurement equipment

Combining all our knowledge allows us to extend our area of expertise to testing and measurement equipment, which in terms of precision and reliability represent the excellence of our service



We’re a multi-talented team. No matter what you need, we can manage it.


Having knowledge and insight from multiple hi-tech areas, PowerConcept Electronics challenges a project’s perspective, correcting it and knows what boundaries to push. Doing this in a coherent way, we are acting as a true partner, a helpful and knowledgeable one. To us, reengineering means increasing product performance and also bringing true novelty in the process.


Our projects, developed from scratch or as reengineering of existing products are characterized by novelty, imagined by capable minds and filtered and finally shaped by even brighter ones. We have the capability of managing each project on the go, side by side with development, foreseeing risk management, cost control and other specific assessment needs right from the start.

On demand prototyping & maintenance

We share your passion for high-tech and understand your vision, thus offering expert solutions for new product challenges. Let’s team up for greatness! In terms of professional hi-tech products and a professional engineering team – it takes one to know one. Being committed to product development, our on-demand maintenance services offer true upgrades instead of just patching.

Own projects

Useful and challenging modules for electronics enthusiasts, professional DC-DC converters that stand out in terms of built quality and characteristics, state-of- the-art measurement equipment, or projects that are future-oriented and imply multiple-field expertise, they are all in our showcase: AEL, Merlin 32, H Bridge motor controller, DC-DC converters 100mbps / 1gbps, the green house.



ISO 9001:2008

We have fulfilled the Quality Management Systems’ requirements and are ISO 9001:2008 certified

Marca 9001_smallMarca IQNet_small

Authorized ESA Solutions Provider

We are working along well-known European Hi-Tech companies in multi-national consortia in order to provide adequate and state of the art solutions for the European Space Agency



RO 27650730

HQ ADDRESS: 33 Dr. Demostene Street, Upper Floor, 3rd Room, 5th District, 050502 Bucharest



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